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Blog - 21/03/2019

Olio Unico Parovel cioccolato Peratoner

This year, at Olio Capitale, Trieste's Extra-virgin Olive Oil Salon, we brought a breath of fresh air.
This year in addition to our extra virgin olive oils Ul'ka, RoZò, Pétka and Mackè we presented a preview of OLIO UNICO, an extra virgin olive oil for those who want to give or treat themselves to a souvenir of the good taste of Trieste.

A veritable gust of creativity born out of the pen of Maurizio Stagni, an artist from Trieste, who loves to draw the sea and the bora, and an exclusive Parovel Tergeste PDO olive oil. The oil is UNIQUE, the labels stamped one by one are unrepeatable.

But it is not the only novelty that we have presented: a further project combines the fragrance of extra virgin olive oil with the fine cocoa blended by PERATONER. A brand new chocolate, vegan, from 3 cocoa blends from Brazil, Venezuela, Peru with the Unico Parovel extra virgin olive oil ganache!

The Parovel world is enriched with new collaborations that smell of bora, earth, colored brushes and sweetness!


Blog - 11/03/2019

gambero rosso award olio parovel

With enormous pride we announce the "Tre Foglie" award by Gambero Rosso Italian olive oils guide to our bianchera monocultivar UL'KA Tergeste DOP.

And with excitment we can say that from today our monocultivar enters the Italian extra virgin olive oils gotha!
Well done Everybodyi, we joyfully share this goal with Parovel's tireless team. 

Blog - 25/02/2019

Olio capitale cuore

The meeting with a Triestine artist brings to Olio Capitalethe 13th Exhibition of Typical and Quality Extra Virgin Olive oils, scheduled from March 15th to 18th in Trieste, a new extra virgin olive oil signed by Parovel that will be completely .. UNIQUE!

We will reveal more details in the future but in the meantime mark the date on your calendar!

Blog - 04/03/2019

Matos Nonet 2019 cuvee orange wine Trieste
Are you looking for a sophisticated wine for an original dinner, to amaze a wine-loving friend or just to meditate on it?

Matos Nonet is the one for you! A structured wine, with mineral veins that cross a fruity mouth with the aromas of honey. Our orange wine is really a unique maceration that we invite you to try and let try!

Blog - 18/02/2019

Parovel Ulka olioEVO.250ml

The new vintage of our mono-varietal Bianchera Ul'ka will be available from early March which this year received the nomenclature of the Tergeste DOP brand and the recognition of the Slow Food Presidium. Our pride is the fact that it has been chosen by two starred chefs in Italy.

Little curious note: over the years our Ul'ka has managed to reach even 1089 mg / kg! The 2018 vintage is characterized by a strong balance between bitterness and spiciness.

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