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OPEN Parovel, the wine experience you were looking for and that wasn't there yet! In our winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra

Blog / 02/05/2019

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A plaid blanket, a glass of wine, Parovel cellar’s wine vintages, refined appetizers to match and savour in the cellar, among the rows of vines or on the banks of the Rosandra river.. you choose!
The pleasure of wine you were looking for and that was not there yet.

Open Parovel is waiting for you every week

Thursday, Friday and Saturday for an unusual wine tasting.

This new winery opening gives you the possibility to taste all Barde wines and extra virgin olive oils by Parovel with refined appetizers to match and savour produced in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Thursday and Friday > 17:00 - 21:00

Saturday > 09:00 - 15:00

info: +39 3467590953

Bus 40 and 41.


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Olio Unico & Peratoner chocolates, two tasty souvenirs of Trieste with Parovel extra virgin olive oil

Blog / 21/03/2019

Olio Unico Parovel cioccolato Peratoner

This year, at Olio Capitale, Trieste's Extra-virgin Olive Oil Salon, we brought a breath of fresh air.
This year in addition to our extra virgin olive oils Ul'ka, RoZò, Pétka and Mackè we presented a preview of OLIO UNICO, an extra virgin olive oil for those who want to give or treat themselves to a souvenir of the good taste of Trieste.

A veritable gust of creativity born out of the pen of Maurizio Stagni, an artist from Trieste, who loves to draw the sea and the bora, and an exclusive Parovel Tergeste PDO olive oil. The oil is UNIQUE, the labels stamped one by one are unrepeatable.

But it is not the only novelty that we have presented: a further project combines the fragrance of extra virgin olive oil with the fine cocoa blended by PERATONER. A brand new chocolate, vegan, from 3 cocoa blends from Brazil, Venezuela, Peru with the Unico Parovel extra virgin olive oil ganache!

The Parovel world is enriched with new collaborations that smell of bora, earth, colored brushes and sweetness!


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NEW OPENINGS: Open Parovel at the Winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra, from May 9th


wine experiences

A plaid blanket, a glass of wine, archive vintages, refined appetizers to match and savor in the cellar, among the rows of vines or on the banks of the Rosandra river.
Open Parovel is waiting for you every week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for an unusual wine tasting, starting May 9th.
Moments of meditation or chatter, romantic or carefree, but always in the name of good living.
Live your experience, simple and different!

This new opening formula of our winery gives you the opportunity to taste all the Barde wines and extra virgin olive oils by Parovel with tasty gastronomic matches with products from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Where and how to taste them .. the choice is yours!

We will be happy to take you to our underground barriquerie, to reveal the secrets of the wine trade and guide you through the long history of the Parovel family, winemakers and olive growers who have always been passionate custodians of the territory, from the Carso to Istria, passing through Val Rosandra and Breg . At each appointment our shop corner will also be open for your purchases.


Thursday and Friday> 17:00 - 21:00

Saturday> 09:00 - 15:00

info: +39 3467590953

Bus 40 and 41.

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"Three Leaves" Award OLI D'ITALIA 2019 guide by Gambero Rosso to our Bianchera monocultivar UL'KA Parovel Tergeste DOP

We cultivate the land to create products that respect our soul. We are happy when we meet your taste and we are even happier when critics and experts, who compare hundreds of extra-virgin oils, recognize the merit of our continuous search for quality. Here we are proud to have received the "Tre Foglie" Award (Three Leaves), the highest national recognition, from Gambero Rosso's OLI D'ITALIA 2019 Guide to our Bianchera UL'KA Tergeste PDO monocultivar Presidium Slow Food harvest 2018. For the oil production the year was not easy, in some areas of Italy it even suffered a halving, almost wiping out the work of farmers who had spilled blood on their field. 
For those that are not familiar with the Gambero Rosso Oli d'Italia Guide, this is a manual born in 2011 “For consumers whom we wanted to provide a tool to get to know more about the realities and territories of excellence of oil in Italy. For chefs, cooks, hosts. For producers, to reward their work and give them an encouragement to proceed on the path of quality”.

And with emotion we can say that from today our monocultivar enters the gotha ​​of Italian extra virgin olive oils.
Well done everyone, we share this goal with joy with the tireless Parovel team!

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