During the year that is ending, the words friendship and hospitality have guided us. We have uncorked many bottles and welcomed old and new friends with lots of wine and extra virgin olive oil. And we want to thank you for the affection and enthusiasm with which you embraced our ideas.
The Summer initiative Open Parovel Wine Experiences has indeed promoted a new way to taste our wines and extra virgin olive oils in the relax of our winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra, among the vineyard rows or on the banks of the Rosandra river. The magic of these experiences confirmed our conviction to turn them into a fixed opening in mild seasons, from Spring to Autumn. And we had a feast also with the traditional Trieste Osmiza or with the running and cycling sports competitions that we supported and hosted, such as the Parovel Trophy and many others.
We uncorked bottles outside home too: we made our natives wines and olive oils known in Lombardy, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Austria, Germany.. And where we did not arrive, our labels did, in Europe, USA, Russia, China and Taiwan.
And for this 2020 that now arrives, we are already setting the table for new tasty projects with which we will match our Barde and Mackè wines, Tergeste Dop extra virgin olive oils, a Slow Food Presidium.
It is therefore time to raise our glasses to the new that comes and to the encounters that have inspired, nourished and intrigued us.
Happy New Year of discoveries to you all!

Parovel family

We cultivate the land to create products that respect our soul. We are happy when we meet your taste and we are even happier when critics and experts, who compare hundreds of extra-virgin oils, recognize the merit of our continuous search for quality. Here we are proud to have received the "Tre Foglie" Award (Three Leaves), the highest national recognition, from Gambero Rosso's OLI D'ITALIA 2019 Guide to our Bianchera UL'KA Tergeste PDO monocultivar Presidium Slow Food harvest 2018. For the oil production the year was not easy, in some areas of Italy it even suffered a halving, almost wiping out the work of farmers who had spilled blood on their field. 
For those that are not familiar with the Gambero Rosso Oli d'Italia Guide, this is a manual born in 2011 “For consumers whom we wanted to provide a tool to get to know more about the realities and territories of excellence of oil in Italy. For chefs, cooks, hosts. For producers, to reward their work and give them an encouragement to proceed on the path of quality”.

And with emotion we can say that from today our monocultivar enters the gotha ​​of Italian extra virgin olive oils.
Well done everyone, we share this goal with joy with the tireless Parovel team!

gambero rosso award olio parovel

In June, our winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra, the company's headquarters in the heart of the Val Rosandra-Dolina Glinščice naturalistic heritage, was the scene of important celebrations around the protagonists, the Elena and Euro Parovel siblings and their families. Five generations of one of the most industrious and well-known families in the agri-food sector of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Parovel famiglia vino olio carso trieste

An old family of winemakers and olive growers with Slovenian roots, the Parovels have always stood out for their creative and innovative spirit that is revealed both on the land and in the bottle, in wine and extra virgin olive oil, excellent products exported and rewarded all over the world, particularly in the USA, China, Taiwan and Japan.

In 1898 Pietro Parovel began his activity together with his wife Ana and their six children starting from the small village of Caresana Mačkolje, part of the municipality of San Dorligo della Valle, in the province of Trieste; in Caresana, still the beating heart of the family, their hospitality activity in the typical "osmiza" began and continued in the '70s and is now hosted thrice a year in the beautiful winery of Bagnoli della Rosandra, inaugurated in 2004.

Today the company has 13 hectares of olive groves and 15 of vineyards on the border with Slovenia, entering the Istrian peninsula. Over the years, the steepest and best exposed slopes have been arranged in terraces formed with dry-stone walls where vine and olive trees have been cultivated for centuries thanks to the benefit of a temperate Mediterranean climate. The soils are of arenaceous-marly type, different from those of the karst plateau, where limestone and red earth reign, ideal both for viticulture and for olive growing. In the soils of this extreme eastern part of Italy, the Bianchera-Belica olive variety prospers, which Parovel produces with mastery alongside other cultivars and with which they have contributed to the definition of the quality regulation of the DOP TERGESTE oil since the very beginning

To Olio Capitale Exhibition of Typical Extra Virgin and Quality Oils Parovel brings a breath of fresh air this year, in every sense! In fact, in addition to our extra virgin olive oils Ul'ka, RoZò, Pétka and Mackè we present a preview of OLIO UNICO. If our extra virgin olive oils are naturally suited to enhancing the finest kitchens and creative intuitions of the chefs, this new extra virgin olive oil we have called UNICO is for those who want to give or treat themselves to a souvenir of the good taste of Trieste. And we can say it is a real "gust" of creativity, born from the pen of the Trieste artist Maurizio Stagni, who loves to draw the sea and the bora, and an exclusive Parovel Tergeste PDO olive oil.

"UNIQUE is the oil with labels stamped by hand one by one", says the description that accompanies each bottle of extra virgin olive oil.
The artist will be present at our stand on March 17th to tell how this new idea came about.

But it is not the only novelty that Parovel presents at Olio Capitale: in fact, a prized chocolate by PERATONER was also born which uses the same OLIO UNICO for its filling.

The Parovel world gets enriched with new collaborations that smell of bora, earth, colored brushes and delicious cocoa.

See you at Olio Capitale!

You can find us at Stazione Marittima in Trieste, Stand PT - N13

OLIO UNICO Parovel olio Capitale Maurizio Stagni

fine vendemmia 2017 trieste parovel

The Parovel vintage 2017 is already in the cellar. And to understand how this vintage went, we asked Euro Parovel, the winemaker and family vintner for details.
"This year, our vineyards, mostly Vitovska, Istrian Malvasia, Glera, Refosco and Terrano, produced over 1000 quintals of healthy grapes, and the dry summer heat brought the grapes to full ripeness in a homogeneous manner. And although from the end of August the rain was abundant, the rainfall did not affect the goodness of the grapes, which presented itself without parasites or molds. The acidity found in this vintage was between 5 and 7 g / L with a satisfactory sugar level of around 20%. We thus obtained harmonic skimmers with a pH around 3.5. In 2017 most wineries had 30% less production compared to 2016, but we can certainly say that the quality remains unchanged from previous years, and indeed, we may also have great surprises, especially from red wines: phenolic compounds of the grape have an importance both on nutrition as antioxidants and on organoleptic level, influencing the color and taste of the future wine. A plaudition also goes to the excellent team that worked in the vineyard this year, allowing us to finish all harvest in 8 days. "
And as we wait to taste the new wine at San Martino, we will check the 6,000 new Istrian Malvasia vines that took root this year in the Kamnje Parovel vineyard in San Dorligo della Valle and continue the great family tradition in the cultivation of this vine, so beloved by Grandfather Peter. A love rooted in more than a century of history.

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