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Fillet of smoked fish with Sichuan pepper, mizuna tops and yellow zucchini, honey vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil Mackè, flakes of Scuéte fumade

ACQUE extravergine trieste MACKE Parovel

Ingredients for 16 teaspoons (8 people):
2 fillets of Fil di Fumo from San Daniele (hot smoked trout)
1 heaping teaspoon of pepper Sichuan + extra for decoration
1/2 teaspoon salt
100 g of tender leaves of mizuna or delicate sprouts
100 g zucchini small, preferably yellow
20 g of Scueté fumade (smoked ricotta)

Toast the salt and Sichuan pepper in a pan over low heat until they feel the smell and hear the pepper crackle. Transfer to a mortar and reduce all to powder with a pestle. Remove the skin of the trout. Divide the fillets into 16 cubes 3x4 cm. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and Sichuan pepper to place them on the eastern teaspoons of finger food. Complete with a few tufts of mizuna or shoots, some fine julienne of zucchini and a few flakes of smoked ricotta. Season with a few drops of soy vinaigrette, and finally decorate with 2-3 whole berries of Sichuan pepper.

Soy and honey vinaigrette
50 ml extra virgin olive Mackè Parovel
2 tablespoons (20 g) of soy sauce
1 tablespoon (10 g) mirin or rice vinegar
15 g of honey chestnut / dark
Place all ingredients in a glass jar and close to jam with his cap. Shake it energetically to emulsify the whole.

Author of the recipe: THEODORA HURUSTIATI

A chef and a cooking teacher with an uncontainable passion for the others’ cuisine and spices. «I was born in Indonesia but have been Friulian for 12 years now because of a San Daniele’s native guy. I love travelling to discover different cultures and way of life through the food that I then tell in a weekly feature for The Jakarta Post. I started cooking as a child trying to replicate my grandma’s delicacies and also a bit necessarily having a mum no good at cooking. You find my recipes on:»

The extra virgin olive oil chosen for this recipe was selected upon the ingredients to enhance the food taste at its best, read here its profile here

The wine that we suggest you pair the recipe with is Malvasia istriana Barde.

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