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Bacon bundle with apple fondant, stravecchio and autumn salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil RoZò and dried fruits

sottobosco rozo Parovel GiuliaGodeassi ricette abbinamenti trieste carso autunno olio

Yield: 8 servings
1 green apple
8 slices of speck from Sauris
3 tablespoons Montasio
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil RoZò Parovel
8 long stalks of chives
baby spinach leaves and small mushrooms raw to decorate

For the thick nuts oil:
4 nuts
4 hazelnuts
4 almonds
2 tablespoons pine nuts
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil RoZò Parovel

Unravel the chives with the back of a knife, passing over its entire length. By using a round corer obtain 8 balls from the green apple. If you are lacking the round corer, cut the apple cubes of 3 x 3 cm. Whisk oil and lemon juice with a fork so as to obtain a fluid emulsion. Pour the apple balls in the emulsion. Then move each apple ball in the grated Montasio cheese. Cut a slice of bacon in half. Place the halves crosswise. Put the apple ball in the middle of the cross and close all the little bundle with a stalk of chives. Toast the nuts and let cool. Put them in the blender together with olive oil: you will need to obtain a thick oil, like a pesto. Serve your finger food: create a bed of spinach, add some finely sliced ​​mushrooms and lay the dumplings over. Season with the thick oil to nuts.

Author of the recipe: GIULIA GODEASSI

Giulia is an inborn cuisine lover. «Since I was a child I fumbled with pans and ladles. I spent my childhood afternoon in the courtyard of my grandma’s countryside house, where I learnt to prefer the natural and wholesome ingredients that the cycle of seasons offers. The love for good eating and good drinking knowledge got me to attend oenology and viticulture at University. Paying attention to new dietary requirements and continuously looking for food raw materials that got lost with the progress I love to suggest recipes with re-discovered ingredients. Clouds of cereal flours, ancient seeds, colorful vegetables and scented spices can change a simple dish into a delicious dish for the most delicate palates. Come and read my recipes on»

The extra virgin olive oil chosen for this recipe was selected upon the ingredients to enhance the food taste at its best, read here its profile here.

The wine that we suggest you pair the recipe with is Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Barde.

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