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San Daniele ham with our evoo RoZò, Family Blend Selection

Blog / 28 August 2015

COLLI Extravergine trieste Roz bianchera Parovel

Theodora Urustiati, one of the wonderful food blogger from our 2015 calendar, has prepared for us a delicious recipe within “Pan di Sorc” (corn bread) and Prosciutto San Daniele. A fresh recipe easy to prepare with our RoZò, Family Blend Selection.

You can find it at length in our Recipe Book.

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Parovel Barde Wines at AQUAE, from Aug 25 to Oct 31 @ Expo Venice

Blog / 17 August 2015

AQUAE Expo venice parovel visav bardeParovel Barde wines participating in "Degustamare"!

From 25th August to 31st October, the perfume of the sea and the flavors of the Italian coast are the stars of the pavilion AQUAE, lagoon extra centre of the World Exhibition in Milan. In the enormous structure run by Expo Venice, "Degustamare" will take place, a kind of "Square of Italian Marine Cultures", an event that aims to promote the culinary excellence of the more than eight thousand kilometers of coastline bordering the Peninsula. Until the closing of the international event on October 31 groups will alternate with producers, organizations, consortia and wineries, accompanied by sommeliers and chefs that will match the most representative dishes of our own seas as many varieties of coastal wines in a union aimed at enhancing and promoting the area and its Italian seafood chain.
Parovel expo venice aquae visav bardeIn the pictures there is our fresh Visavi Barde, blend of Istrian Malvasia and Glera, the day of the presentation of the event that took place on July 31 in Venice.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.expovenice.it | +39 041 5095010

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest for cooking

If a proof was needed, a Moroccan research confirms what we have known since a long time!

The extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest for cooking and the one that is more resistant to high temperatures. A recent article in the magazine Teatro Naturale tells us how the research has compared what happens to extra virgin olive oil and olive oil after prolonged thermal stress. The performances of extra virgin olive oil are indisputably superior and this is due to the content of a-tocopherol and polyphenols. In this screenshot the test result of the research conducted:

The heat treatment imposed on the two oils was very severe and conducted with a Rancimat apparatus, with 100 degrees of temperature, with air flow of 10 liters / hour for a total of 120 hours.
Extra virgin olive oil has a higher content of antioxidant compounds, capable of protecting the unsaturated fatty acids from deterioration. As expected, at the end of the thermal stress, the content of polyphenols and tocopherols for both oils was reduced almost to zero. The test result indicates that olive oil degrades more than the extra virgin, after prolonged and severe heating. Oxidation, without tocopherols and polyphenols to protect the oils, proceed in a much more intense way in olive oil, with a significant impact on the unsaturated fatty acids.

Source: Said Gharby, Hicham harhar, Bertrand Matthäus, Zakia Bouzoubaa, Zoubida Charrouf, The Chemical Parameters and Oxidative Resistance to Heat Treatment of Refined and Moroccan Picholine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Journal of Taibah University for Science, Available online 20 July 2015

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