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Kamje Parovel celebrates the 70th anniversary of the legendary Lambretta

Blog / 18/09/2017

Parovel Lambretta 70 kamje spumante trieste

The 70th anniversary of Lambretta was celebrated in Trieste with a postmark and a toast with our Kamje Parovel, the first sparkling wine produced in Trieste by dad Zoran and mum Rosa in the Eighties. From then onwards we went a long way (in every possible meaning) and this encounter of Istrian malvasia istriana and glera couldn't be but the right wine to drink to a motion icon like the Lambretta, of which Euro Parovel is a passionate admirer.

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SLOFEST from 15 to 17 September 2017 in Trieste

Blog / 14/09/2017

SLOFEST Parovel festa sloveni 2017

Trst je mesto več jezikov in več kultur. SLOFEST je praznik Slovencev v Italiji, poklon Trstu in voščilo za prihodnost. Praznujte z nami v Trstu, na Borznem trgu, od 15. do 17. septembra 2017

Trieste is a city of many languages in which many cultures live together. SLOFEST is a tribute that the Slovenian community in Italy wants to make to the city of Trieste, as well as a wish for the future. Celebrate with us in Trieste, in Piazza della Borsa, from 15 to 17 September 2017

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PAROVEL S H O P for your everyday shopping

It awaits you in

Zona Artigianale Dolina (Industrial Area Dolina)

at the Parovel OIL MILL

Mon - Fri   8:00-13:00 / 13:30-16:30

It is open all year round, from Monday to Friday for individuals and companies who want to buy all of our products.
Here you will find our extra virgin olive oils Mackè, Ul'ka and RoZò, our line of Barde DOC wines and Mackè IGT, our olive paté and olives in brine, but also our special products: the sparkling wine Kamje and the passito Spomin, cookies made with Salt from Piran and the Olive Liqueur E2P.

We create for you customized gift boxes and even original wedding favors.
Visit us at our office and oil mill or call us at +39 346-7590953 for every curiosity.

Loc. Zona Artigianale Dolina, 546 (at the foot of the village of San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina)
San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina, Trieste - Italia 
tel. +39 040-227050 | +39 346-7590953


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A new Parovel project funded by POR FESR Friuli Venezia Giulia



Financed by the POR FESR Friuli Venezia Giulia

The project covers research activities carried out in collaboration with researchers from the University of Trieste for the development of high quality products obtained from the olive oil processing chain: extra virgin olive oil, with quality characteristics and locality typical of the Olives cultivar area, and watery extracts of olives leaves with nutraceutical properties and function of food supplement.

Developing some steps in the olive oil chain and producing watermarks in order to obtain high quality products in line with consumer demands, developing innovative production methods and a new production chain dedicated to the integrative market food. Thanks to the research project, Parovel Group will be able to propose to the market an "extra virgin olive oil" product that has been greatly improved in terms of quality and health and to enter a new market, that of supplements based on leaf extracts, Which offers remarkable growth prospects.

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