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Parovel Summer Osmiza from August 3 - 10 in Bagnoli della Rosandra, Trieste

Blog / 16/07/2017

Osmiza estate parovel 2017

It's coming soon.. PAROVEL SUMMER OSMIZA  in Val Rosandra!

Another osmiza completely!

3 - 10 August 2017

Parovel Winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra 624 in Trieste


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A paragliding of.. Vitovska! Parovel at the paragliding world championship in Feltre with the Vitovska Mackè Classic

Blog / 13/07/2017

Mondiale parapendio feltre parovel vitovska

From July 3rd to 15th in Feltre on Monte Avena the 15° Paragliding World Championship is taking place with 150 pilots representing 48 nations. A flight area of 5000 sq km and an amazing panorama on Belluno's dolomites as backdrop and the magic Venice lagoon on the horizon.

For all the participating athletes at the end of the competitions we have offered our Vitovska Mackè Classic, one of the last born in the big family of Parovel wines.
For those who'd like to taste it, there's our shop corner in Zona Artigianale Dolina 546, but you also find it in the best shops of Trieste.

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Parovel Summer Osmiza, the osmiza under Val Rosandra stars from August 3 - 10


From August 3rd to 10th it's Osmiza d'Estate Parovel in Val Rosandra

What's better than a nice breezy porch in these hot summer days? The possibility to enjoy also some excellent wines!
Under the intertwining vines the Parovel Winery opens its Summer Osmiza and welcomes you with its line of Barde local wines to accompany cold cuts of the house, artisan cheeses from the Karst in the quiet Val Rosandra, at the foot of Mount Carso and a short walk from the Rosandra stream.
See you in Bagnoli della Rosandra 624, Trieste.

Info and reservations:
+39 346 7590953

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A new Parovel project funded by POR FESR Friuli Venezia Giulia



Financed by the POR FESR Friuli Venezia Giulia

The project covers research activities carried out in collaboration with researchers from the University of Trieste for the development of high quality products obtained from the olive oil processing chain: extra virgin olive oil, with quality characteristics and locality typical of the Olives cultivar area, and watery extracts of olives leaves with nutraceutical properties and function of food supplement.

Developing some steps in the olive oil chain and producing watermarks in order to obtain high quality products in line with consumer demands, developing innovative production methods and a new production chain dedicated to the integrative market food. Thanks to the research project, Parovel Group will be able to propose to the market an "extra virgin olive oil" product that has been greatly improved in terms of quality and health and to enter a new market, that of supplements based on leaf extracts, Which offers remarkable growth prospects.

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