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Rows of Glera, the mother grape of the best-selling wine in the world, Prosecco!

Blog / 17/08/2020

glera trieste parovel

The restrictions due to the pandemic made us delay the planting of the new Glera vineyard, which ended in the first days of August. The new vines on the clay and marl soil are already shining in the sun. The protection we usually put around the vine needs to make the new buds grow flourishing.

New vineyard, new life!

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Olive groves of Bianchera in pruning

Blog / 24/03/2020

potature oliveti trieste parovel

The pruning of the olive tree is essential for healthy fruits and a conspicuous production in November. These days the air is warmer and the pleasantness of outdoor work is increasingly present, despite following the ministerial health restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

Nature is our first ally, we respect it and love it.

Bianchera is the olive of our land.

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PAROVEL S H O P for your everyday shopping, wine and olive oil from Trieste Carso

in Zona Artigianale Dolina (Artisanal Area Dolina)

at the Parovel OIL MILL

Mon - Fri   8:00-13:00 / 13:30-16:30

It is open all year round, from Monday to Friday for individuals and companies who want to buy all of our products.
Here you will find our extra virgin olive oils brand Mackè, and the new collection of Parovel extravirgin olive oils Ul'ka, RoZò and Petka, our line of cru wines Barde DOC Carso Kras and Mackè Classic IGT, our olive paté and olives in brine, but also our special products: the sparkling wine Visavì and the Olive Liqueur Amaro E2P.

We create for you customized gift boxes and even original wedding favors.
Visit us at our headquarter and oil mill or call us at +39 346-7590953 for every curiosity.

Loc. Zona Artigianale Dolina, 546 (at the foot of the village of San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina)
San Dorligo della Valle - Dolina, Trieste - Italia 
tel. +39 040-227050 | +39 346-7590953


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2019.. THANK YOU!

During the year that is ending, the words friendship and hospitality have guided us. We have uncorked many bottles and welcomed old and new friends with lots of wine and extra virgin olive oil. And we want to thank you for the affection and enthusiasm with which you embraced our ideas.
The Summer initiative Open Parovel Wine Experiences has indeed promoted a new way to taste our wines and extra virgin olive oils in the relax of our winery in Bagnoli della Rosandra, among the vineyard rows or on the banks of the Rosandra river. The magic of these experiences confirmed our conviction to turn them into a fixed opening in mild seasons, from Spring to Autumn. And we had a feast also with the traditional Trieste Osmiza or with the running and cycling sports competitions that we supported and hosted, such as the Parovel Trophy and many others.
We uncorked bottles outside home too: we made our natives wines and olive oils known in Lombardy, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Austria, Germany.. And where we did not arrive, our labels did, in Europe, USA, Russia, China and Taiwan.
And for this 2020 that now arrives, we are already setting the table for new tasty projects with which we will match our Barde and Mackè wines, Tergeste Dop extra virgin olive oils, a Slow Food Presidium.
It is therefore time to raise our glasses to the new that comes and to the encounters that have inspired, nourished and intrigued us.
Happy New Year of discoveries to you all!

Parovel family

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